Feeling anxious is a combination of emotions which range from feeling nervous to feeling scared to suffering panic or terror.  If unresolved these worries and concerns can whirl repeatedly around your head.

First and foremost a certain degree of anxiety is normal.  It can be useful in dangerous situations (fight or flight) it can heightens our senses.  These emotions can have a physical symptom comprising of:

  • sweating

  • feeling sick

  • heart beating faster

  • feeling light headed

  • dry mouth

  • feeling short of breath

There are many situations that cause people to feel anxious.  What can trigger them is down to each individual but here are some reasons you may relate to:

  • sitting an exam

  • taking a driving test

  • interview for a job

  • meeting new people

  • long working hours

  • doing a presentation

  • exhaustion

  • stress

  • money concerns

  • losing someone 


How can you cope with anxiety?

These are not a definitive answer as everyone is different.  Controlled breathing, inhale through your nose hold and exhale through your mouth can help you calm down.  Brainstorm what issue(s) you are worried about write some solutions you may surprise yourself with all the solutions you come up with.  Talk to a friend, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ once it’s out of your head and in the open it may not be seem as bad.  Limiting your coffee, fizzy energy or cola drinks and chocolate these are stimulates.  More importantly there is help out there.  If you may need more professional help do not hesitate, book an appointment to see your GP.