Anger Management

First and foremost anger is a normal healthy emotion as long as you are in control.  However, when you loss control that’s where a person can ‘cross a line.’  There are some observable signs of when an individual is about to lose control.  They blame those who they are close too of being disrespectful, or going behind their backs, to having the same old arguments, punching walls/doors, breaking objects, small issues are responded to very quickly and with violence, going red in the face and being overly sensitive.  Here are some simply signs that you or a person you know is are getting angary, fists or teeth being clenched, feeling hot, seeing red, tension in your shoulders, your heart beats faster as you breathe more quickly.  If you have a history of losing control and want to take back control of yourself and the situation you need to get yourself away from that situation.  If you are continually apologising for violent outbursts or recognise any of the above behaviour frequently happening seek help from your local GP.