Self Esteem

So what is self-esteem?

It is how we view or judge ourselves a balanced view of ourselves and our attributes indicates good self-esteem.  Low self-esteem is heavily based in negative thoughts about our self, our flaws, our mistakes, our weakness as well as the times we feel we could have done better or even when got it wrong.  This person tends to be their hardest critic; their good qualities they tend to be ignored.  The reverse is true for high self-esteem where positive qualities are amplified and weaknesses are ignored.   

Low self-esteem lies in individuals core belief system.  These can seem in pure or ‘black and white’ statements of truth:

•      I’m not good enough ……..

•      I’m not clever …….

•      I’m a failure …………

•      People don’t like me …….

•      I don’t deserve it ….

•      I don’t want to get close they could hurt me ….

•      I don’t want to ask for what I want because I may get rejected ….

•      I can’t pursue my dreams because I will fail ……..


You may not even be aware you have them.  The good news is with help you can change these negative statements and raise you self-confidence.